Film breathtaking videos during the World Cup and sell it to us through the app
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Any story can become a sensation. Each time you spot something unusual or newsworthy, take a video or picture of what is happening.
Here are some topics and video examples that would usually be of interest to our newsroom. Anything can be newsworthy and hit the headlines.

Warning! We can't show games, but we'd appreciate videos and photos of anything eye-catching happening in the stands.

The World Cup really inspires people. Colourful costumes, unusual vehicles, songs and dances. Film and send us videos of fans supporting their teams.
Such an important sporting event attracts celebrities from around the world. Have you spotted a Hollywood star, an Olympic champion or a Nobel laureate? We'll pay for your paparazzi shot of them!
There are a number of supporting events in the cities that are hosting the World Cup. Send us your video reports about the events on the ground and earn money from them!
In order to film a nice piece of footage that the newsroom would be happy to accept, please follow our tips and recommendations:
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